TRAILS - Click here to download the Trail Map. (PDF)

Several miles of trails are maintained by the Association for horseback riding and walking. These trails may be used without charge by anyone.

The public can access the trails via both Township boat landings. (A minimal parking fee is required.)

No wheeled vehicles are allowed on the trails. This includes, but is not limited to ATV’s, mopeds, bicycles, and golf carts.


Weather permitting, trails open for equestrian use on May 1st annually. Trails close for the season to horses on November 1st (or sooner if snow covered).

Trails are closed from sunset to sunrise.

Stay on designated trails. Do not blaze your own trail.

Due to erosion problems and safety concerns, trails are closed to horses during and following rain events. If rain begins while you’re trail riding, discontinue your ride. Trails are closed a minimum of 24 hours after an inch or more of rain. If you have questions, call the Association office at 608-985-7294 to confirm whether or not the trails are open. If in doubt, don’t ride.

Trails have been rerouted in 2 areas for easier horse access. See map for details. Trails have special “horse only” signs in those areas.

Respect private property and other trail users. Protect the trail environment. Do not litter.


Snowmobiling is permitted on Dutch Hollow Lake trails between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. under proper weather conditions. Snowmobiles must be registered with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Snowmobilers must not trespass on private properties; they must stay on marked trails. They may be operated on the Lake. The Dutch Hollow trail is connected to a more extensive trail system maintained by local area snowmobile clubs. The trails at Dutch Hollow Lake are closed for snowmobiling when County and local trails are closed due to weather conditions.

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