The waters of the Lake are held "in trust" by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Use of the Lake waters by anyone is governed by Federal, State, County and local Township ordinances and laws.

A Wisconsin fishing license is required if you fish.
Your boat must be properly registered and licensed, and the governmental laws and regulations observed, if you operate a boat on the Lake.

Property owners with riparian rights (they own the land on their lots "to the water's edge") may install personal docks on their shoreline. However, the dock must meet the Department of Natural Resource's requirements and their plans for the dock must be reviewed and approved by the Association Architectural Review Committee before construction or initial installation.

Association docks are placed at the marina, the clubhouse, and at various locations on the greenway shoreline of the Lake. All in-water docking slips are assigned on a daily or annual basis on Association docks. There is a fee charged.

Association Member Docking Fees:
$20/boat slip/day or $235 -$320/boat slip/season (with approved application)

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